Fjords Urban Power Recliner

Comfortable and Functional

Urban is a swivel recliner that combines the distinct comfort of a classic recliner with the modern function of a motorized glider/recliner. Urban features a narrower, refined look, suitable for many interior styles.

  • Cold Cured Molded Foam Cushions
  • Available in 3 leathers for Quick Drop Ship in the United States.
  • Adjustable Headrest Angle
  • Engineered Steel Frame and No-sag Springs Large & Small Sizes

Designed by: Hjellgjerde Design Team

Fjords® Urban swing relaxer, featuring an adjustable headrest angle, makes the seating experience ergonomic and gives your lower back correct support.

Urban is a swivel/glider recliner available in motorized and manual versions.

The design is available in two sizes, small and large. Black base is standard on Urban.