The Domino
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The Domino The Domino The Domino The Domino The Domino

The Domino

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Measurements:    63w  x  17d  x  27h"

-Inside dimensions:

    24.5h x 11w"

    11h x 17w"

    11h x 30w"

This system gives a new meaning for "playing" dominoes. Call it LEGO furniture if you will, for you can flip and flop the units to make the furniture you want. Living room, dining room, any room! It's like making your own furniture. Most people don't realize at first sight how much you can do with this simple piece of furniture. For starters, you can use it as a stand alone TV bench, but you don't have to stop there. Flipping and piling the Domino's create dazzling effects for any space. It's been called a shelving system on steroids, let your creativity fly.

Designed  and manufactured in Portugal by Temahome.