Interior Design

Light Up Your Life

A dramatic floor lamp or the perfect set of pendants, could be the difference between simply liking your space and absolutely loving your home.  

The show stopping Bel Occhio Pendant brings high style and sophistication to any room, with a warm colorful center it’s just the piece to set the right mood.  

Maybe you need a something a bit more subtle, the Contour Floor Lamp brings clean lines and a soft sensual glow to warm up even the harshest of industrial lofts.

Pillows and Throws

You finally found the perfect sofa, and you stand back to admire your acquisition and realize that it is just missing a certain something. Sure it’s comfortable, it’s aesthetically pleasing, but what is it missing that would really make it shine? Perhaps a set of fabulous accent pillows in just the right colors to accent and compliment their upholstered host. The Sterling throw pillows come in a assortment of colors and shapes to add a little sparkle to any seating arrangement. Now that you’ve added some beautifully structured pillows you can soften the whole look with a throw blanket. Look no further than Surya, who carries cozy blankets in every color of the rainbow, including the irresistibly touchable Felina Faux Fur Throw.


©2016 Michael Arbuckle, Designer

Making Your Space "Yours"

Basic functional pieces make your space inhabitable but what makes your space livable? What makes your space YOURS?  

Finding a piece that functions well is one thing, but what about finding that piece that is also perfect for your personality?

First thing to do is find what is going to fit and feel great. Then look at upholstery options and choose something that is right for your style. Maybe combine a retro sofa with a contemporary fabric or vice versa. Look at leg options and decide if you want a metal leg or if you need a warmer material like wood or contemporary finish like Lacquer. Ask about cording options, tufting options, and combining or using your own fabrics on cushions. And don't forget accent pillows! These are always great for adding a touch of color or an interesting pattern.


 If you need some help with these decisions, we have an amazing team of designers that can guide you and help you find exactly what you're looking for. Even if you don't know what that is yet.