Pillows and Throws

February 25, 2016 1 min read

You finally found the perfect sofa, and you stand back to admire your acquisition and realize that it is just missing a certain something. Sure it’s comfortable, it’s aesthetically pleasing, but what is it missing that would really make it shine? Perhaps a set of fabulous accent pillows in just the right colors to accent and compliment their upholstered host. The Sterling throw pillows come in a assortment of colors and shapes to add a little sparkle to any seating arrangement. Now that you’ve added some beautifully structured pillows you can soften the whole look with a throw blanket. Look no further than Surya, who carries cozy blankets in every color of the rainbow, including the irresistibly touchable Felina Faux Fur Throw.


©2016 Michael Arbuckle, Designer

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